Energy-Efficient LED High Bay Fixtures

Nominated for a 2016-17 ADEX Award, our Round LED High Bay fixtures are an energy-efficient, easy to install lighting solution for high ceiling environments.

These fixtures offer significant energy savings over commercial HID fixtures. With a longer life than metal halide and low-pressure sodium fixtures, they also offer up to 60 more energy savings. And, unlike other types of fixtures, they feature instant-on, instant-off, and dimming.

Our energy-efficient LED High Bay Fixtures are lightweight, durable and are DLC approved. They feature a standard glass lens that is IP 65 rated for indoor and outdoor use, although shatterproof polycarbonate lens material is also available. At 5.2” tall, under 16” wide and only 16-18 lbs, it is easy to install compared to most high bays offering up to 29,000 lumens.

You can read more about the Energy-Efficient LED High Bay Fixtures here.

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