Energy-Saving Light Bulbs Tough Enough for Poultry Barns

Saving money on utility bills by using energy-saving compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) can help reduce your operating expenses, but these light bulbs could pose a problem when it comes time to sanitize the barn in between flocks. Standard bare spiral CFLs cannot be exposed to water; otherwise, the electrical circuitry inside the bulb will short out. Many poultry barns unscrew all of the CFLs from the sockets before sanitizing the house, so that the bulbs don’t short out. With 100 or more bulbs in a single barn, this can be a time-consuming process that adds to your labor and maintenance costs.

In order to continue to save energy in poultry barns without incurring the added maintenance expense, look for CFLs that have a glass cover and are UL-rated for wet location or are water-resistant. While it is not recommended that maintenance workers directly spray the light bulbs with the hose, these energy-saving bulbs can withstand indirect moisture from sanitizing the barn in between flocks. CFLs that are UL-rated for wet location or water-resistant will help you save money on your electricity bills without adding to your maintenance bills.