Making Your Classroom Lighting Learner- And Sensory-Friendly


A classroom should be a place of discovery and intellectual development for students of all ages. However, it also can be a place of frustration and confusion if the conditions aren’t optimal. Although the strength of the teacher and the materials are the most important ingredients for success in school, the role of the physical environment shouldn’t be overlooked. Learners need to be comfortable in order to concentrate, and lighting can have a profound effect on how well children and young adults perform.

Unfortunately, the traditional fluorescent overhead lights used in schools can be too harsh. This type of lighting makes it challenging for students to focus on their work for extended periods of time and can even lead to eyestrain. As a result, students may feel fatigued before the day is over and have a harder time retaining information. In addition, the low buzz and flickering light emitted by many older fixtures can be especially distracting to younger students or those with sensory issues or learning disabilities.


As a result, an increasing number of schools across the country are retrofitting their buildings with LED lighting. In doing so, they are working to make classrooms more conducive to learning.


How LED Retrofits Help Students and Schools

LED retrofits offer several benefits to any educational environment. These include:

  • They’re more like natural light — Because they offer a broader range of color, temperature and brightness settings, LEDs are better at replicating natural sunlight. This means teachers and pupils will be able to be productive and focused without straining their eyes to see the materials. It also may help them feel more alert.
  • They’re not as distracting — People of a certain generation may recall the sound of fluorescent tubes humming in the background during their school days. For those who suffer from sensory issues, this can be a significant distraction along with the almost-imperceptible flickering fluorescent lights produce. By providing a constant, silent output of illumination, LEDs can eliminate this problem and ensure that all children are able to concentrate on their work.
  • They’re energy-efficient — Perhaps the biggest attraction of LEDs to school facility managers and principals alike is how it affects their bottom line. LEDs are proven to be more energy efficient. Additionally, as many industries are working toward practicing sustainability, education has been a frontrunner. With LED retrofit kits, upgrading to LED has never been easier or quicker.

Your Retrofit Resource

As a recognized leader in LED retrofits for the educational sector, Litetronics has a wealth of expertise in helping schools enhance their learning environments. In many instances, we have helped institutions of all sizes convert their lighting systems and experience the benefits of this advanced technology. For more information about everything we can do to improve your lighting, get in touch with us today.