Momentum Growing For Use of LEDs In America’s Linear Fluorescent Lighting and Troffer Fixtures

Linear fluorescent lighting represents 30-40% of all of the energy consumed by lighting in the U.S. and over 75% of the lighting used in commercial buildings (with recessed troffer fixtures providing the majority of this lighting), according to studies by the U.S. Department of Energy. While linear LED replacements have only penetrated an estimated 2% of this giant market, the pace of change is growing rapidly. Various studies confirm that the opportunity to save by changing fluorescent applications to LED technology remains significant….and lucrative.
Did You Know?

Linear LED tubes and systems accounted for nearly 13 million installations as of 2014, an over 12-fold increase from 2012 levels according to a 2015 study by the Department of Energy entitled Adoption of Light-Emitting Diodes in Common Lighting Applications. And adoption is increasing. Why? Declining LED prices, improved performance, combined with the demonstrated ability to LEDs to significantly reduce energy costs have made LEDs a much more attractive alternative. From an energy efficiency standpoint, the study further revealed that if all of the nation’s nearly 1 billion linear fluorescent fixtures were upgraded to LED technology overnight, it would result in immediate energy savings of more than 1,800 trillion BTUs (roughly equivalent to the energy consumed by the entire state of Wisconsin!) and would deliver annual energy cost savings of over $18 billion.

With their outstanding efficiency, high lumen output, long life, superior lumen maintenance, proven durability, and appealing aesthetics in a broad range of venues – from commercial buildings to schools, hospitals, industrial applications, retail stores, and others – LEDs are increasingly demonstrating their unique ability to successfully replace fluorescent technology in meeting the needs of the nation’s most demanding linear lighting applications.

Tap Into Your Share of the Linear LED Market With Great Solutions from Litetronics

Among the market options, Litetronics’ popular and high-performing LED Retrofit Kits make the conversion from fluorescent to LED technology, especially in troffer-style fixtures, a breeze thanks to their range of powerful features and benefits, such as:

  • Availability in the market’s most popular configurations, including 1’ X 4’ two-lamp, 2’ X 2’ two-, three-, and four-lamp, and 2’ X 4’ two- and three-lamp models
  • High efficacy, lumen output (2300-5850), and CRI (83 or better) in a variety of the market’s most popular color temperatures (3500, 4000, and 5000)
  • Powerful rare earth magnets that enable simple hands-free installation of LED technology in under three minutes
  • Long 85,000-hour life for an estimated 20 years of maintenance-free operation
  • Design Lights Consortium (DLC)-listed for rebate by utilities nationwide
  • Options for bi-level switching and 0-10V dimming available
  • Innovative accessories for battery back-up available
  • 7-year warranty to ensure peace of mind

When conducted properly using high-quality products and compatible components, the DOE study confirms that fluorescent-to-LED upgrades, particularly within troffer fixtures, are among the most significant energy-saving opportunities available in today’s professional lighting market. So don’t wait to upgrade your linear fluorescent and troffer applications with Litetronics’ powerful new LED Retrofit Kits and get on the path to significant energy and cost savings today!

To learn more about the innovative new Litetronics® LED Retrofit products for use in troffers or other linear configurations as well as Litetronics’ many other advanced-design, energy-saving lighting solutions, visit, contact customer service at (800) 860-3392 (toll free) or (708) 389-8000, or e-mail