How Are Smart Lighting Products Being Used In Healthcare?

In an ideal world, healthcare facilities would never have to worry about resources. They would always have what they need to provide the highest levels of care for their patients. Unfortunately, these facilities do have limited assets that they need to manage carefully to carry out their mission. Because every resource is precious when lives are at stake, hospitals and other medical properties look for ways to save money while still operating at their fullest potential.

One of the most exciting new developments on this front is the integration of smart lighting for healthcare facilities. This technology gives users an unprecedented level of control over which lights are used, when and how. Combined with efficient LEDs, smart lighting in hospitals offers significant reductions in energy consumption and operating costs. Read on to learn more about how smart lighting can be applied.

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How Smart Lighting Helps Healthcare Facilities

Thanks to its adaptability and efficiency, the uses for smart lighting in healthcare environments are virtually limitless. Facilities with smart lighting capabilities have a number of advantages. Among these are:

  • Bluetooth control: Facility managers can control smart lighting fixtures through a smartphone app or other mobile device. They’re able to change settings on the fly or create light plans from practically anywhere.
  • Occupancy sensing: Leaving lights on when no one is using a room is a major source of waste, especially in a large building such as a hospital. Motion detectors on modern lighting systems address this problem by switching off automatically when no activity is detected.
  • Daylight harvesting: Photo sensors can detect how much natural illumination enters a space and automatically adjust the room’s artificial lighting to an appropriate level. This ensures that no more electricity is used than necessary.
  • Time scheduling: Even though they operate 24/7, many healthcare properties run at reduced capacity overnight. Smart lighting automation gives the option to create a schedule that shuts down unnecessary fixtures during these times.
  • Group editing: Traditional systems limit the number of controls for each light. Smart lighting enables users to choose and control each light individually, illuminating only specific areas or improving patient comfort levels.
  • Scene selection: With the ability to dim LEDs or even change their color, healthcare administrators can use these products to create an atmosphere appropriate for the situation. This allows spaces to be used for a variety of purposes.

Litetronics Is the Smart Choice

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Want to learn how to sell LED lighting projects to healthcare facilities?