Javo Beverage sees the light with a new LED upgrade

High-ceiling spaces where lighting is hard to reach are some of the best and most cost-effective applications for LED technology.  No one knows this better than leading coffee, tea, and botanical extract company Javo Beverage and the team at its 240,000 square-foot manufacturing facility in Indianapolis.  Following the recent installation of Litetronics LEDs, the plant will now enjoy the benefits of improved lighting quality, long life, and low maintenance for years to come, all while significantly reducing costs.

At the hands of outdated fluorescent and HID technology, “our lighting had a yellow, dark, and dingy look that didn’t support our high-tech production process,” shared Jerry Gray, Javo Beverage’s Director of Manufacturing.  Travis Martindale, Project Manager at Indianapolis-based Flex Green Energy & Lighting, the energy/lighting service provider that conducted Javo’s upgrade, agreed.  

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According to Martindale, “the acrylic lenses on their existing HID fixtures were tarnished and yellow and almost a quarter of the fixtures had blown out.”  As a result, he said, “footcandle levels throughout the plant were extremely low.”

The solution involved the installation of over 400 LED Linear High Bays, Strip Fixtures, and Flat Panels from Litetronics.  Since completing the upgrade throughout the facility’s warehouse, production rooms, packaging rooms, and Inspection Room/Quality Lab in December 2018, Javo Beverage is drinking in the benefits.  In addition to reducing its fixture count by 15% thanks to the LEDs’ powerful and uniform light distribution, the upgrade increased the plant’s lighting levels three to five-fold while reducing energy consumption and costs by 67%. 

Financially, “Javo Beverage will save over $36,500 in annual energy costs alone, not to mention additional savings they’ll accrue from the avoidance of maintenance, labor, and disposal/recycling costs,” Martindale said of the plant’s bottom-line benefits.  Based on these savings and over $50,000 in product rebates secured from their local utility, Javo Beverage will recoup its investment in just over two years.

“Thanks to our Litetronics LEDs, our lighting is so much brighter and whiter than before and will deliver a payback period that made our decision a no-brainer,” said Gray, who described their upgrade as “a perfect win-win.”

Martindale agreed saying, “Javo Beverage’s plant looks like a brand new facility just by upgrading the lighting to Litetronics LEDs.”

Whether your space is industrial, municipal, educational, or healthcare-related, there’s never been a better time to upgrade to the benefits of LED technology -- and there’s never been a company that makes LED upgrades simpler or quicker than Litetronics.  You can learn more about the Javo Beverage project or download the PDF here.

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