A New Era of LED Retrofits

From industrial and educational applications to retail, healthcare, and more, LED retrofits are one of the most popular products being used to replace outdated fluorescent lighting in traditional troffers. This upgrade results in extreme energy efficiency, cost savings, quality light, long product life, and ease of use/maintenance.

Based on a recent study conducted by the U.S. Department of Energy, there are over 350 million troffers in America consuming more than 65 million kWh of power. That’s equivalent to the annual energy usage of 6 million U.S. homes. The DOE estimates that only 5-10% of all troffers use LED light sources. Imagine the potential energy savings if the remaining 90-95% were converted to LED.

The DOE also estimates that of the energy consumed by the nation’s 5-6 million commercial, industrial, and institutional buildings, 30% of it can be attributed to lighting alone. And, fluorescent troffer ceiling fixtures represent an overwhelming majority of the lighting within those facilities.    

The overall benefits of LED lighting are wide-ranging, but with Litetronics’ thoughtfully designed LED retrofits, your lighting can be more personalized than ever.


Simple to use, powerful results

Litetronics’ new generation of LED Troffer Retrofits encompasses the company’s new LED Light Panel Retrofit and LED Volumetric Retrofit, replacing Litetronics’ former LED Flat Panel Retrofit and LED Volumetric Retrofit, respectively.  With a choice of an architectural or traditional appearance, these new products are available in three versions (smart, adjustable wattage, and tri-level dimming) to deliver the utmost in controllability and convenience and enable lighting to be customized to the user’s specific application and/or preferences.

They were engineered to provide:

  • Quicker installation: Installers will enjoy a quick, easy, and tool-less installation process that can be completed in under two minutes.
  • Less disruption: Because there’s no need to open the ceiling plenum to install these retrofit products, environments like healthcare facilities will avoid costly and time-consuming infection control protocols.  Additionally, the ease and speed of installing Litetronics’ retrofits minimizes impact on patient activities.
  • Controllability and programmability: New smart, adjustable wattage, and tri-level dimming models were designed to encompass every level of personalization across various industries. In school settings for example, daylight harvesting, occupancy sensing, and scene setting allow users to customize the light for various classroom activities.  As an added benefit, the high light output and quality illumination of LEDs can improve safety by enhancing the footage captured on security cameras.

Litetronics now provides one of the widest retrofit product offerings on the market to be able to support any application or need, so upgrading your lighting to LED has never been simpler. And, you can rest assured that you’re getting the best of the best with our industry-leading 10-year, 100,000-hour warranty.


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