Top 5 Benefits Of LED Warehouse Lighting

Warehouse managers may not pay much attention to their overhead lighting. If they can see well enough, they might assume the lighting is doing everything it can and should. But what they may not consider is how much lighting affects their operations, and poor lighting can pose a safety concern. This is especially true if the warehouse is lit by outdated incandescent or fluorescent fixtures. Upgrading to LED high bay lighting can make a big impact on warehouses in particular. Here are five reasons to consider making the switch in your facility:

  1. Energy efficiency — Perhaps the single most important advantage LEDs offer is their lower energy consumption compared to older types of lighting. Because they need only a fraction of the power used by traditional bulbs, LEDs can quickly deliver significant savings in utility costs. For property owners and managers with bigger commercial buildings, it’s easy to see the potential of replacing a large quantity of bulbs. Changing out old bulbs for LEDs has the added benefit of contributing to a facility’s environmental friendliness by reducing its consumption of natural resources and the amount of emissions it produces.
  2. Simple maintenance — Changing a burnt-out bulb at home isn't a huge project. But that changes when the bulb is 50 feet above your head. That’s another reason LED lights make sense in large industrial spaces. Their typical lifespan can be as long as 10,000 hours. This means you won’t spend as much time or money replacing bulbs.
  3. Less heat — One of the most significant differences between LEDs and traditional lights is that they generate less heat. This makes it easier to keep a large facility cool in the summer — yet another way in which LEDs can help lower a business’s overhead costs.
  4. Better lighting — Most LED fixtures generate cool, white light that’s closer to natural daylight than that of other bulbs. As a result, they’re a great choice for work environments. They’re less likely to cause eyestrain, leading to greater employee satisfaction and fewer errors. Most importantly, aisles, staircases, catwalks, and high traffic corners with caution signage can be kept brightly lit for maximum safety and productivity.
  5. More durability — A warehouse is a rugged environment where heavy machines are frequently used. Unlike their incandescent and fluorescent counterparts, LEDs are durable enough to stand up to the abuse of a busy workplace. Because they’re much harder to shatter or break, there’s less chance an accident will take an LED fixture out of commission.
These are just a handful of reasons why LED high bay lights can be a great addition to your warehouse. As a recognized leader in LEDs for industrial and commercial spaces, Litetronics has the expertise you need to help you convert your building to brighter, longer-lasting LED lights. We’re easy to work with and offer a wide selection of high-efficiency products to help you complete your project. Get in touch with us today to request a quote or to learn more about what we can do for your facility.