Driving Down Costs and Improving Quality at Lakeshore Middle School with Retrofit Kits

Lakeshore Middle School in Mequon, WI used Litetronics' fluorescent to LED conversion kits to create a better learning environment while saving money.

With over 3,500 students and 7 schools, the Mequon-Thiensville School District is focused on creating the best possible learning environment for its students. The challenge with a mix of older buildings and newer additions was that the lighting in classrooms and hallways was inconsistent and out of date.

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The original 277-volt lighting was problematic for many reasons. When a bulb failed, maintenance was forced to change the entire ballast out. This meant that considerable time, complications, and maintenance costs were needed to maintaining the lighting. The old bulbs also put off a considerable amount of heat therefore increasing the energy bill. Additionally, the old lighting was inconsistent across ballasts and bulbs which detracted from the learning environment.

Beginning with Lakeshore Middle School, Mequon-Thiensville School District eventually upgraded all of their buildings with Litetronics LED retrofits. They replaced their old 3 fluorescent tubes and eliminated ballasts with one integrated long-life retrofit.

The retrofit kits were simple to install which meant that Lakeshore Middle didn’t need to bring in outside electricians to perform the upgrade. All their LED retrofit kits were installed by their in-house maintenance staff.

The LED retrofits saved Lakeshore Middle School 60% in costs over the previous fluorescent fixtures, and they will last up to 4 times longer (20 years). The retrofit kits also offered more stable heating throughout the building and a bright, crisp, white light which is more conducive to learning.

Listen to Roger Goecks, the Head Custodian of the Lake Shore Middle School, tell you how his team improved the student experience and saved thousands by implementing Litetronics' LED Retrofits.

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