How Energy-Efficient Lighting Fixtures Compare With Traditional Fixtures

One of the most important decisions you can make today with regards to making your facility more energy efficient is choosing to keep your existing lighting fixtures or to upgrade them to LED lighting. You may look at the initial cost of installing energy-efficient lighting in your offices or facilities and get nervous about the size of the investment. However, you may not be taking into account the various advantages of converting to LED.

When deciding between energy-efficient bulbs vs. incandescent bulbs or fluorescent options, it’s essential to know how LEDs can bring value to your bottom line. Here are key ways in which installing these fixtures can help you save resources.

Energy Costs and Environmental Impact

Perhaps the most noticeable advantage of LED is the amount it would save you on your utility bills. Thanks to recent innovations in the technology behind them, these lights can provide equal illumination at a fraction of the wattage.

For example, there was an opportunity at Boulder Community Health to contribute to its sustainability efforts. The project consisted of upgrading the facility’s lighting throughout interior corridors, parking garages, and utility/generator rooms with LED High Bays and LED Retrofits.

After converting to LED, the Director of Facilities anticipates $775,000 in energy and maintenance savings and secured over $68,000 in rebates. Additionally, maintenance professionals no longer have to dispose of mercury-containing fluorescent and HID lamps and ballasts, which eliminates waste and decreases their environmental footprint.

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Labor Demands

On average, an LED light bulb can last as much as 25 times longer than the standard type, which means they need to be replaced far less frequently. You’ll cut time and costs on maintenance and installation. These energy-efficient lighting options are much easier to install throughout a building than you may think. This is ideal for environments like the healthcare facilities at Boulder Community Health. Litetronics’ patented system enabled Retrofit installation within the troffer without needing to break into the ceiling plenum, accelerating the speed of the installation and minimizing impact on patient activities.

Switching Makes Sense

There are many reasons why changing your light fixtures to LED is an excellent business choice. At Litetronics, we have the expertise and inventory to help you make the best decision for your illumination needs.

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