Commercial Outdoor LED Lighting: What’s Needed (and Where)

Commercial Outdoor LED LightingIf you’re having a difficult time deciding what type of LED lighting is best for outdoor applications, it’s understandable. Some types of outdoor LED lighting are great for enhancing security. Others are ideally suited for improving visibility around loading docks, in parking lots, and along high-traffic areas. Each outdoor application is a unique problem to solve.

So, when it comes to determining what type of LED lighting your project needs, the answer is actually multiple choice. In general, outdoor lighting should be designed with these key considerations in mind:

  • Task – What is the lighting meant to achieve?
  • Function – How with the lighting achieve it?
  • Light Pollution – How do you avoid creating unwanted, excessive, and wasteful artificial light?
  • Obtrusive Lighting – How do you position lights so they do not create a nuisance to others?

The way you answer these questions will have implications for both the type of LED lighting you choose as well as how and where you install it.

To help illustrate the many, MANY use cases of outdoor LED lighting, let’s consider a building that needs reliable outdoor lighting 24/7: a hospital.

Outdoor LED Lighting


Take Advantage of Flexible Outdoor LED Lighting Solutions

When you choose LEDs, you never have to “make do” with ineffective outdoor lighting. LED lighting solutions are highly customizable and offer the flexibility you need to safely illuminate any exterior space — in front, behind, or even on top of your building.

Advanced sensors and controls take this flexibility even further, adding an additional layer of customization to your lighting solutions. They also make it easy to save energy by allowing you to adjust, dim, or automatically turn off outdoor lights as needed. On top of the efficiency LED lighting already offers, these options quickly add up to some serious savings.

If you’d like to improve visibility, and make your outdoor spaces safer and more secure, it’s time to consider flexible outdoor LED lighting.

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