Vapor Tight Lighting: Uses, Benefits & Specification Details

When Is A Vapor-Tight Light Fixture Needed?   

Facility managers know that not all lighting fixtures are created equal. What might serve your illumination needs perfectly in one area will not necessarily do the job elsewhere. Understanding the requirements of every space in your property is crucial for getting the most out of its lighting systems. For instance, some areas are more likely to feature wet, humid or dusty environments. Parking garages, swimming pools and processing plants are just a few examples. In these areas, it is best to install vapor-tight lighting. The unique features of this type of fixture makes it ideal for such applications. Read on to learn more about when to use a vapor-tight light fixture.

What Does ‘Vapor-Tight’ Mean?

When a light fixture is designated as “vapor-tight,” this means it is sealed and gasketed for protection from environmental hazards that might damage a standard model. A vapor-tight fixture also typically features a more durable construction of reinforced fiberglass housings and high-impact diffusers. These elements keep it safe from moisture, dust and other contaminants that could cause corrosion or infiltrate the connections between sensitive components. Thanks to the added protection these units have, they can be installed outdoors as well.


When to Use Vapor-Tight Lighting

The rugged nature of these lights makes them ideal for numerous industrial and commercial applications where traditional fixtures might be too vulnerable. For example, food processing facilities benefit from vapor-tight lights because they can be cleaned much more easily than standard models. Car washes produce intense torrents of water that often contain soap and dirt, which can wreak havoc on normal lights. Large-scale cold-storage and refrigeration units create condensation that builds up on lights in freezing temperatures. In short, vapor-tight lighting is a good choice for virtually any location with excessive moisture or other harsh conditions.


Benefits of Vapor-Tight Lighting

Perhaps the most obvious benefit of these lights is their added durability. Because they are sealed against the elements, they don’t require as much maintenance and upkeep as their standard counterparts. This means less time and money spent on repairing or replacing them. Another advantage is how simple they are to clean. This is especially important in environments that must be food-safe, because cleaning a typical fixture can be a delicate and time-consuming process. Additionally, the vast majority of vapor-tight lights feature energy-efficient LEDs instead of traditional fluorescent or incandescent bulbs. This means upgrading or retrofitting can significantly reduce energy consumption and utility bills. Litetronics Payback Calculator tool can help assist with finding the top rebates and savings for your area. 

As a leader in the commercial lighting space, Litetronics has the expertise to help you. Our LED Vapor Tight Slim Strip is perfect for applications that call for a robust solution. Its IP67 rating guarantees protection from dust, high-pressure washing and even total submersion in water for up to 30 minutes. Its IK10 rating means it provides the highest levels of durability against mechanical wear and tear. Best of all, it installs in just a few minutes. To learn more about this fixture or any of our other products, get in touch with us today.