Restaurant & Bar LED Lighting

Good food and drink are important, but they’re not the only reason why people flock to their favorite restaurants and bars. A comfortable and welcoming atmosphere is another significant part of the equation, and lighting plays a crucial role in creating it. With the right ambiance, owners and managers can make their spaces more enjoyable and encourage guests to stay longer.

From a more practical standpoint, kitchens, storerooms and other back-of-the-house areas depend on proper illumination to keep employees safe and productive. In the past, lighting options were limited to fluorescent and incandescent fixtures that not only contributed to high utility bills but also narrowed the possibilities for establishing a mood.

However, Litetronics is proud to offer an alternative: our LED lighting for restaurants and bars. Our retrofitting options make it simple to install LED lights for restaurants and taverns that reduce energy consumption, offer more customization options and last longer than traditional lighting. No one knows as much about this technology and how to make the most of it than we do. Whether you’re building your location from the ground up or want to retrofit an existing space, we are one of the premier restaurant interior lighting providers serving the industry today.

What to Consider When Choosing Restaurant or Bar Lighting

Choosing the right restaurant light fixtures is a complicated process. Lighting can have different purposes depending on whether it is used in the dining area, the bar or the kitchen. Restaurateurs and tavern owners must think carefully about what they want out of their systems. Here are some of the most important considerations as you put together a plan for your space:

  • Comfort: Guests should be able to read their menus without squinting, but they may feel uncomfortable if the lights are too intense. LED ceiling lights for restaurants provide the option to dim or intensify the brightness according to the time of day and other conditions.
  • Safety: Chefs, cooks and waitstaff need to be able to see what they’re doing to ensure a safe workplace. LEDs deliver bright, diffuse illumination and can be focused on specific areas to prevent accidents.
  • Mood: The brightness and color of lights contribute a great deal to the atmosphere of any space. With their dimming and color-changing capabilities, LEDs give the flexibility to create the type of environment you want.
  • Maintenance: Time spent on replacing light bulbs or repairing fixtures is time taken away from guests. LEDs have a much longer lifespan than other lights, meaning you won’t have to worry about them as often.

Why Work With Litetronics?

As recognized leaders in commercial lighting solutions, we provide the expertise and the product lineup to help realize your vision. We have a complete array of retrofit kits as well as fixtures to upgrade your systems. To learn more about what we offer, reach out to us today.